Simple Seven Steps

To schedule an appointment with DocApp, a patient can search online for a doctor by calling our toll free number, using a computer, mobile phone or tablet. For example, he searches "dentist in Ahmedabad," the browser shows the possible results and the patient selects his doctor, chooses an available time slot and schedules his appointment.
As soon as the patient books the appointment, he gets an SMS message, an email or a push notification on his phone indicating the new appointment. An event is also created in online and mobile calendar with reminder.
On appointment day, the patient gets a notification reminding him of the appointment and as the patient starts travelling toward his doctor’s office or clinic, his phone shows a map with directions and the time needed to reach the location.
As soon as the patient arrives at the doctor’s office, a tablet computer at the reception desk automatically detects that Mr. X has arrived and Mr. X receives a notification on his phone with the approximate waiting time and the estimated time when the doctor will see him. The app on his phone also shows how many people are waiting and any other details.
When the patient’s turn to be seen arrives, he receives a notification on his phone asking him to proceed to the examination room. As the patient enters the examination room, a large-screen TV outside on the reception desk updates the waiting patients with the updated information.
In the examination/Doctor room, a tablet computer automatically shows details about which new patient has arrived.
When the patient leaves the doctor and the clinic or office, it displays a thank-you message on the patient’s mobile phone with an option to rate the visit and write a review. It also updates the big screen at the reception desk with updated waiting patients’ status.